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Serene Innovations CL60A
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The Serene Innovations CL60A Amplified Talking Caller ID cordless Phone with Amplified and Slow-play Answering Machine, featuring the revolutionary new HDS (Hi-Defination Sound) technology provides intelligent amplification to make soft sounds audible, while keeping loud sounds bearable. With up to 50 decibels of amplification, the Serene Innovations CL60A is an ideal solution for those with a moderate-to-severe hearing loss and/or low vision. The Serene Innovations CL60A has a Amplified and Slow-play Answering Machine which makes all messages easy to understand, loud and clear.

The CL60A also features an adjustable volume and tone for a customized listening experience, a large and easy to see display. Other important features of includes a super loud ringer, visual ringer, 3 one-touch speed dial buttons.

CL60A Features:
  • Amplified Cordless Phone
  • DECT 6.0 Technology ajaxinfo (1.9GHz)
  • Interference-Free & Wide Range
  • 30% more Battery life
  • High Definition Audio Technology
  • Talking Caller ID
  • Amplified Volume - Up To 50dB
  • Expandable Up To 5 Handsets
  • Digital Answering System
  • - SlowTalk™ Message Playback
  • Hearing Aid T-Coil Compatible
  • High Performance, Loud Speakerphone
  • Talking Keypad
    Announces Dialed Numbers
  • Easy-To-See Oversized Keypad Buttons
  • 50 Station Phone Directory / Dialer
  • Call Transfer
  • 3 One-Touch Speed Dial Keys
  • 5 Number Redial
  • Mute
  • Audio Output Jack for Connection to Assistive Listening Devices
  • Easy Access Button
  • Bright Visual Ring / Missed Call / Voicemail Indicator
Manufacturer Info:
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