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Serene Innovations UA45
Brand New Includes One Year Warranty

Product Details

The Serene Innovations UA45 IntelliCallâ„¢ Universal Phone Amplifier gives virtually any phone an amplification boost, increasing the volume on incoming voices up to 170 times (45+dB). You can enjoy louder, clearer calls and more comfortable phone conversations. In addition to the volume boost, the amplifier has several features that improve and enhance your listening experience.

High definition Sound (HDS) Technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static. Digital tone enhancement boosts and enriches the speech frequencies that you cant hear well, making difficult to hear words intelligible again. Automatic Volume Control optimizes sound level for superior listening comfort.

UA45 Features:

  • IntelliCallâ„¢ Universal Phone Amplifier
  • Amplifies Incoming Voices up to 170 Times (45+dB)
  • Digital Sound Processing Technology to Eliminate Distortions, Echo Effects & Static
  • Digital Tone Enhancement
  • Automatic Gain Control to Optimize Sound Level for Superior Listening Comfort
  • Works w/ Virtually All Corded Home or Business Telephones
  • Compact & Portable

The Serene Innovations UA45 is a Brand New Unopened Item with full manufacturer's warranty. These are just some of the reasons you can't go wrong when purchasing a Serene Innovations UA45 from OnlinePhoneStore.